20 Jun 2011


This has been pretty much a whole week of hearing howling winds and the sound of rain on the roof.

Photo courtesy of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Before I moved to Australia I lived in England for almost eleven years and I became well aware of how, for the average English man or woman, one of the key factors to move to Australia is the great weather. This week hasn’t felt at all like all that was promised to me! I think I would have been able to cope better with it had it just been a case of continuous rain instead of this noisy attack coming at me for a length of time that seemed like an eternity.

Rain, rain, rain. Not the drizzle from London or the short storms from my Castilian home but proper, heavy, “tropical” rain. An effect of “La niña”, I was told. Not something that’s going to go on for long, I’ve been promised.

The worst part was that there was no escape. Not in the office where I work, not at home, not on the road on a quick trip to Coffs Harbour for the long weekend. As days passed, I could feel something growing inside me every time the rain started again. A bit like the instinctive tension after hearing a dog bark. How long would this need to go on to drive someone to insanity?

Fair enough, I’ve just moved to this country and, even if I’m not aware of it most of the time, I must be feeling a bit stressed about the whole thing, but there was a moment  mid-week, that I thought I was going to go crazy. This constant “raaaam” felt like torture and there was no way to make it shut up!

I know:  we need rain; I’ll miss it when the drought comes in proceeding months and if I was a farmer I would probably appreciate this weather much more. I’ve been hearing this type of thing since primary school. Still, there is no doubt weather affects people’s mood ad there is actual evidence that strong winds can make people feel anxious, irritable or even aggressive (There is a funny reference to it in Almodóvar’s movie “Volver” 
There is also a lot of evidence about the effect of noise on health

This is in fact one of the arguments used against wind turbines, a hot topic of discussion currently in Australia.

So, it’s not too strange that I found this week’s storms getting to me.

For my sake and the sake of those around me I hope I can have a bit of a rest this week...