6 Dec 2013

Australian vocabulary

Picture courtesy of Ssolbergj
Since I live in Australia I've been learning a lot of Australian vocabulary. Here is a brief list of some of those words. If you're new to Australia or plan to travel here at some point, it may be useful for you to memorise these:

Pavement: outdoor surface used to park cars, at times invaded by pedestrians.

Baby: small human that together with baby capsule decorates back seat of car.

Shop: excuse to drive.

Road: your best friend.

Holiday: time off work used to drive longer distances.

Weekend: special time of the week when you have a chance to catch up with all the driving you haven't done, commonly with friends and family.

Beach walk: activity you undertake in the break between driving somewhere and going back home.

Car dealership: branch of main Australian religion.

Garage: storage area existing in most Australian houses.

Car lights: device used to illuminate public roads.

P Plate: courtship car decoration, used mainly by males when in heat.

Cyclists: together with pedestrians, main enemies of drivers.

Pedestrians: mythical creatures feared and hated by drivers. Luckily they only exist in small numbers and  are only able to cover short distances. Rarely seen after dark.

Public transport: something the poor, old, disabled and children use occasionally to get places.

Pollution: a sort of mass incense stick.