20 Dec 2013

Spanish Christmas sweets

Roscon de Reyes

Is it possible to write a post in Christmas time without writing about Christmas?

I've never been too fond of this season. There's something about the sheep-like behaviour we engage in, together with the consumerist attitude that prevails, which makes it tiresome and artificial. However, as it approaches, I get more into it and actually enjoy the opportunity to spend time with family and share gifts with them. As my little one will be forteen months this Christmas, it will be a particularly special time. To make it feel a bit more like home, I'm hoping to enjoy some traditional Spanish Christmas sweets. Turron, polvorones and roscon are usually present in every Spanish household at this time of the year. I've promised I'll try to bake a roscon this year...we'll see if it turns out similar to the one in the picture.