31 Jan 2014

Glamour, power and masochism

Society seems to be fascinated by people who cause us harm, as individuals or as group. Actors often talk about how much they enjoy playing the part of the bad guy.

In Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, Kate Blanchett plays a social climber going through a nervous breakdown. The story shows her character as a person who is clearly damaged and this fact prevails over the fact that she’s someone willing to dismiss others with less money than her and to look the other way when her husband carries out his illegal dealings.

I think many people have a masochistic attitude towards the wealthy and beautiful which makes them forget how these people achieved that wealth and glamour. Many Australians declare their love for the British Monarchy for instance. Many Spaniards also support the Spanish Royal Family.

Currently, Infanta Cristina, the middle child of the King of Spain, has been formally accused of fraud and money laundering, and will soon be appearing in court to give a statement. Her lawyer says, she, like Kate Blanchett’s character in Blue Jasmine, didn’t know anything of her husband’s dealings while, for years, he supposedly misused millions of euros in public funds given to a charitable foundation he ran. millions of tax payers money.

Cristina hasn’t been found guilty, so one can only speculate about how true the facts documented by the judge in charge of the case are. Among them, the one that says she used to pay her domestic staff in cash, then add their names to the list of employees working for her husband’s firm.

This kind of behaviour is not that surprising taking into account how royals got to be royals in the first place. Still, we allow them to carry on existing, even read about their holidays in gossip magazines, dangerously fascinated by them.