7 Feb 2014

Did you say Madrid or Mudgee?

A Novocastrian friend recently told us a funny story. She was out in a Newcastle club when a guy started talking to her. ‘Where are you from?’ she asked.  ‘From Madrid,’ he said. She found the fellow charming and ended up getting intimate with him.  Only later, when he said he had to go home and she asked him if it wasn’t a bit late in the night to make such a long trip she realised he was from Mudgee, not Madrid.
In Spain Swedish people have a reputation for being sexy. Also do Italian men and Brazilian women.  Stereotypes about good looks and a desire to meet someone a bit different make people fantasise about meeting someone from these countries.  I think Australians seem to be fascinated by the French. I wonder if this applies across the country and if there are other nationalities Australians find interestingly exotic...