18 May 2014

Paella and poetry

Picture courtesy of GFreihalter
This weekend I'll be attending an event called "Paella and Poetry" at Inner City Winemakers in Wickham.
I'm looking forward to it. There are not many Spanish-related events in Newcastle and paella, wine and the poetry of García Lorca are a great combination. At least in theory.

Every time I attend a Spanish-themed party or event outside Spain I can't help feeling a bit cynical about the authenticity and the quality of the food, the music or the performance. 

Paella is a delicious dish but having seen the terrible paella offered  to tourists  in some of the restaurants of Madrid I  tend to be reluctant to order it. Often it doesn't have the combination of flavours which make it unique.

Lorca is probably the most famous Spanish poet outside Spain. He was incredibly talented and was one of the first people to portray Andalusia and flamenco culture in a cool way, in the 1920s, long before there were flamenco music festivals across the world. His tragic death, at the hands of  fascists in the beginning of the Spanish Civil War have made him one of the most talked about poets of the twentieth century. If you haven't read his poetry I would definitely recommend you pick up any of the many translations available on the internet. My favourite, 'The Tribulations of an Adventorous Snail,' sadly doesn't seem easily available in English. 

I wonder if the reading tomorrow will be in English or Spanish. I bet it will include poems from his collection 'Poet in New York.' Let's see if I'm right...

Spanish paella