22 Aug 2014

My writing process and the reasons why I write

Writting buddy Margaret Jackson, from Marg's Slices of Life has invited me to do my own Blog Hop where I'm required to answer 6 questions about my writing process and the reasons why I write.

Here it goes...

1.   Why do I write?
I guess I could say I enjoy it but not in the way I enjoy a walk in the sun or a swim. There’s something very powerful about feeling that I’ve done a good job with what I’ve written and also about being able to express myself creatively. 
Writing is definitely hard work for me so I think I do it because I can’t help it.

2.   Why do I write what I do? 
I’ve written theatre plays and poems in the past, as well as prose. I feel that prose allows me to combine elements of theatre and poetry.
In terms of themes, I try to take inspiration from the writers I admire, who tend to be those that portray ideas that stay in my head for a long time.

3. What am I working on now?  
I’m editing my novel, ‘Time Bank.’ It tells the story of Alicia Silva, a young Spanish woman whose older sister Lara disappeared years ago. When Alicia discovers her mother has been secretly in contact with Lara, she goes to London to find her sister. It’s a story of family, love, politics and intrigue. 

4. How does my writing process work?
I sit down to write every day. This has probably been the biggest step towards improving my writing technique and accomplishing my goal of finishing a novel.
I tend to write in the evenings, once I’ve put my baby to sleep, and also during his nap time. Thankfully he’s a good sleeper and I hope he continues to be for a long time.

5. Do I differ from others in my genre?
I think my style is a mix of literary and popular fiction, a bit like Jonathan Franzen’s work.
However, my protagonists tend to be female and I’m influenced in my style and the themes I choose for my stories by J.C Coetzee and José Saramago.
My life experience is multicultural, having lived in England, Spain and now Australia, and having a Brazilian mother. I think my writing reflects that.

6. Meet the Blog Hoppers
I have nominated 2 great bloggers to complete the above task.

Alex Morris, from www.coffecavewoman mixes poetry and journalism in her interviews and posts.

Cristian Perfumo, from www.cristianperfumo.com writes mystery novels set in Patagonia (Argentina) and blogs about topics related to his experience in creative writing.