3 Mar 2015

Recently I had the pleasure to interview Mexican Artist Susana Enriquez for Hunter Lifestyle Magazine.

The interview has just been published in electronic and print formats, for the 12th Anniversary Edition of the magazine, and you can check it following this link. I hope you enjoy it!

Art and Love between Mexico and The Hunter
Fourteen years ago Mexican artist Susana Enriquez was at a crossroads. Her mother had just passed away and she felt that travelling and painting were the only two things that could help her to avoid depression.
Susuana (pictiured right) was pondering over going to Spain or Holland to study a PhD, but a Novocastrian she met through a common friend in Canada insisted she should also consider applying to study in Australia.
Later this year, Susana’s paintings will be part of an exhibition entitled “Masters of the Imagination: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition” at Agora Gallery in New York. As she prepares for the exhibition, I meet with Susana to talk about her art and her life in Australia.
Our discussion takes place at her studio in Newcastle Community Arts Centre, surrounded by her paintings, brushes and paints. The shelves are full of books. Several of her bold-coloured paintings are stacked against a wall near the door.
She is softly-spoken and our conversation drifts from art, to poetry, to the differences between Mexico and Australia.
“Music has always been intertwined with my art,” she says with an animated look in her eyes. In fact, in addition to studying Fine Arts at Mexico University, Susana studied flute and percussion. She was married to renowned Mexican composer Manuel Enriquez until his death in 1994.
Susana arrived in Newcastle in 2002, to study a PhD in Visual Arts at Newcastle University, where she had been awarded two international scholarships; she gained her PhD degree in 2006…